ATA业务的特色出口  The characteristics of the ATA business exports
ATA单证册是一份国际通用的海关文件,它是世界海关组织为暂准进口货物而专门创设的。世界海关组织于1 961 年通过了《关于货物暂准进口的ATA单证册海关公约》,其后,又于1 990年通过了《货物暂准进口公约》,从而建立并完善了ATA单证册制度。截至到目前,已有62个国家和地区实施了ATA单证册制度,75个国家和地区接受ATA单证册,每年凭ATA单证册通关的货物总值超过了1 20亿美元。
ATA documents copies is an international general customs file, itis one of the world customs organization specially created forimport goods allowed temporary. World customs organization in1961 passed the ATA document copies of the customs onimported goods allowed temporary convention, behind, and in1990 passed the goods allowed temporary import convention, soas to establish and perfect the system of ATA document copies.So far, 62 countries and regions have implemented the system ofATA documents copies, 75 countries and regions to accept ATAdocuments copies, each year on the strength of the ATAdocuments of the customs clearance of more than $12 billion totalcost of the goods.
使用 ATA 单证册有两点显著优势

2、ATA单证册大大简化了对进出口报关文件的要求,持有一份ATA即可方便快捷通关,节省大量时间、精力、费用。 可以承接影视剧组, 演出团,公司设备参展,艺术品巡展等业务。

1, the ATA documents copies to the relevant agreement, import and export of goodsexempt from duties and VAT. Volume
2, ATA documents greatly simplifies the demand for import and export customsdeclaration documents, hold a ATA can be convenient and quick customs clearance,save a lot of time, effort and cost. Can undertake film crew, of may, the companyequipment exhibition, art exhibition, etc

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